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Find out if you meet the BERT Training Fund (BTF) criteria or the Jetco Funding and apply for a training subsidy.

Apply for Training Funding

You can choose from one of the below funding opportunities to help reduce the cost of your training

Jetco Funding

If you are an employee and your employer makes monthly contributions to CIRT and to the JETCO training fund on your behalf, you may be entitled to a subsidy for approved industry based training.

Download the Joint Electrical Training Council Brochure below or visit their website Jetco


BERT Funding Criteria

If you are a member of BERT and meet the BERT Training Fund (BTF) eligibility criteria, you can apply for a training subsidy. Please note no funds are deducted from your BERT account to cover the cost of your training. Your BERT account is only used as a reference to determine the amount of funding we will authorise.

Apply Online

You can apply online by visiting and selecting ‘Apply Here’ for Training Grants. Submit your application and if successful, you will receive written confirmation of your grant and the amount to be funded.

Get Written Confirmation

BTF recommends applicants wait until written confirmation has been received before committing to pay for a course. This is because reimbursement by BTF is only made after the training is completed and the following documentation is provided:

  • A copy of the paid invoice from the RTO that delivered the training
  • A copy of the training results (Statement of Attainment or Qualification)
  • A copy of your Separation Certificate (if applicable)
  • A copy of your bank statement displaying the name of the bank, the account name and the BSB and account numbers
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