Sheer Workplace Training was established after identifying there was a serious lack of relevant informative training being offered by trainers with real-life experience.

Our core business is based in Brisbane however as our knowledge is our asset our assets travel with ourselves it means wherever we can go so can our training given the right environment.

We are our own product, borne from years of work on hundreds of constructions sites, mines, industrial sites and training thousands of people.

Our backgrounds in the elevated work platform industry along with our plant, access & transport experience. Makes for some interesting stories which we are only too happy to share.

Our belief is that we have spent years learning the hard lessons so you don’t have to and if we can help prevent injury or worse from our experiences its money more than well spent. No matter what, we engage our groups and receive awesome feedback from our staff, delivery and sense of humour.

High-risk environments and work don’t allow a great room for error so help protect yourself, your colleagues and make it home after work.

Do you or your staff a favour and book today with Sheer Workplace Training Pty Ltd.

Currently, we offer the following:

EWP (Elevated Work Platform types scissorlift, boomlift, vertical lift, trailer lift)
Material Handlers (ie forklift and telehandlers)
Other Courses
Facilities in Brisbane

Statement of attainments issued by RTO 45597



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