Why getting your Boom Lift Ticket can take your job to new heights

Getting your Boom Lift Ticket can increase your skill set and open up more opportunities for you in the workplace, with a Boom Lift Ticket or EWP Ticket you will be able to operate and work on lifts over 11 meters in height such as scissor lifts, vertical lifts, mounted lifts and many more.

Skills that are in demand.

With numerous construction projects propping up within Queensland needing these positions filled, perhaps now is the time to take that nextstep in your career and acquire new skills, obtaining your Boom Lift Ticket is a great way to further compliment your skill set and open up new avenues for you to work in.

With your Boom Lift Ticket you will be able to work on all lifts above or below 11 meters in most industries in Australia, operating a Boom Lift is considered a high risk task and as such needs the appropriate training and oversight to obtain your Boom Lift Ticket and begin working in the industry.

Our accredited trainers have multiple years of experience in both the industry and as teachers and can help you to strive further in yours.

How to Obtain Your Boom Lift Ticket.

At Sheer Workplace Training we offer a wide range of courses and training for all your needs, our Boom Lift course takes roughly 2-3 days at our fully equipped training facility located in Brisbane, Queensland.

During those days you will be taught how to safely operate Boom Lifts and get the necessary industry certification to operate them, as well as the knowledge and skills you need to operate them.

For enquiries on this course and more please contact us at https://sheerworkplacetraining.com.au/contact-us/ or give us a call at 07 3901 0804.