Work Safely at Heights Ticket & Training.

Working safely at heights is a critical skill for anyone who works at any elevated levels whether for short term or long term, safety is paramount and having the skills necessary to safely work at these levels will not only give your job a real boost but reassure you that you can safely work at these heights.

Old or new, there is something for everyone.

With constant developments into the safety and training provided for working at heights whether you’re a veteran or just thinking about increasing your skill set, there is something for everyone at our course Work Safely at Heights that can further increase your skills or teach you the appropriate ways to do this.

While there is no specific law, the industry standard is to renew your training every 2 years as the information and training available is ever evolving and while you may have been taught greatly at your last course with us, we are always updating our courses to reflect current industry standards to provide you with the best training available.

Our Course.

At Sheer Workplace Training we strive to provide you with the best and most current information and teaching available in both practical and theoretical learning that will take about 8 hours and equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

Our course is hosted in our fully equipped facility located in Brisbane where we host a multitude of courses for all your vocational needs including the Work Safely at Heights Ticket.

For more information on this course or other courses please visit and make an enquiry at or contact us by phone on 07 3901 0804