Nationally Recognised Confined Space Training Course in Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding areas and are looking to further increase your skills or are looking for a specific skill by obtaining your Work in Confined Space Ticket (RIIWHS202E) Sheer Workplace Training offers this and other courses in one convenient location.

What does Enter and Work in Confined Space Ticket Entail?

Your Enter and Work in Confined Spaces ticket will allow confined space entry in workspaces such as chimneys, containers, crawl spaces, underground pipes, walkways, ducts, drains, and areas that are not considered usual workplaces.

Having your Your Enter and Work in Confined Spaces ticket will show you have the skills and knowledge to safely conduct work and manage these areas as well as safely assess what may be needed to operate efficiently and cautiously. Working in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces requires an issued permit.

Training and Requirements.

While there are no prerequisites to gain your Enter and Work in Confined Spaces ticket, there are a few requirements such as physical and mental skills that are needed to enter a confined space.

Small and dangerous spaces are by nature, dangerous, so you will be required to be able to make decisions about these spaces as well as being physically able to enter and safely work in them, as well as monitor and assess a situation’s safety before and after entry.

Confined Spaces training at Sheer Workplace Training is delivered in a practical application at our training facility in Brisbane and will usually conclude in 8 hours, we can also come on-site to your location, provided there is the necessary equipment and space available. Upon successful completion of all your units of competency, you will be issued a statement of attainment.

For more information on this, terms and conditions, and more courses available, please visit for course fees, spaces and dates available and secure your spot in the next class or, contact us today at 07 3901 0804.