Are you looking to acquire your Confined Spaces Ticket in Queensland?

Maybe you’re just looking for a refresher course or want to see what it takes to get your Confined Spaces Ticket, below we’ll have a look and lay out the reasons why getting your Confined Spaces Ticket can enhance your skillset, and, how to get it and what it entails for you.

Working in Confined Spaces.

Working in Confined Spaces requires you to have an issued permit to conduct work in confined spaces ticket for a myriad of reasons, confined spaces can often be seen as dangerous and require specialty training to navigate and effectively work within these confined spaces.

Some people may think it’s as simple as opening a manhole or a floor and going inside it, but what is less talked about is what you find inside these places, there are numerous dangerous substances, environments, and situations that can arise from these confined spaces that require knowledge on how to deal with them.

One of the most common and dangerous instances you’ll find in confined spaces is noxious fumes, reduced oxygen levels, and the possibility of engulfment or becoming trapped, that is why it is critical to obtain a Confined Spaces Ticket, before even entering into these spaces you need the skills and knowledge and training to successfully identify and manage any of the numerous situations that can arise within these closed spaces and the associated dangers.

What you can do with a Confined Space Ticket.

There are numerous roles to be filled with a Confined Spaces Ticket, working in confined spaces once you are successfully trained can range from managing a breathing apparatus, gas testing, working in enclosed or partially enclosed space, health and safety of operating machinery as well as personal safety and identifying dangerous or hazardous situations ahead of time.

One of the most common enclosed spaces to work is in tunnels, but to successfully enter a tunnel in a safe manner requires skills and knowledge ahead of time, to successfully navigate a tunnel entry you must be aware of the hazards before going in such as things like rubble, debris, fumes, water, electrical lines and more practical applications like the size of tunnels, the ability for you to enter a specific section and be able to carry out your work in an efficient and safe manner that doesn’t put you or those around you in danger.

A Confined Space Ticket allows you to work in a whole host of jobs and is really an amazing qualification to have, as it has long-reaching benefits inside of the industries that regularly utilize these skills and can help you to push your career even further by being industry certified by a nationally recognized training course.

Why safety is so important in Confined Spaces.

Unlike other jobs, Confined Spaces nearly always have hazards before you even enter, it’s for that reason that safety and knowledge play just as critical of a role as the practical application of that knowledge as well and must be taken seriously if you are to enter these spaces and conduct work in a safe manner while limiting the chance of accidents that inevitably arise from working in these spaces.

You may think it’s easy to identify these hazards, at first sight, however, there may be hidden dangers that are not so obvious to the untrained eye, noxious fumes, slippery surfaces, dust, and numerous other hazards can be hidden, especially if the space you’re entering is dark or not often inhabited on a regular basis, it can hide an entire host of dangers that you may unknowingly walk into.

The most common form of danger in a confined space is the reduced lack of oxygen, until you’re in there you may not know that there is a reduced oxygen capacity and appropriately ventilate the area or set up a breathing apparatus, these things are not common knowledge which is why it is so important to acquire your Working In Confined Spaces ticket with a trusted and industry certified trainer so that you can reduce the hazards you may face to as minimal as possible while being efficient with your work.

Thankfully at Sheer Workplace Training, we understand this and have molded our training courses to communicate this knowledge to you, so that you can acquire these skills in a safe manner and demonstrate them effectively, every time.

Where and How To Acquire Confined Space Ticket In Queensland.

So, if you’re ready to take your skills up a notch where do you get them?

At Sheer Workplace Training, we pride ourselves on our amazing nationally recognized courses and refresher courses, our code of practice has helped innumerable people to enhance their careers and flourish in the workforce with both theoretical and practical training on-site or, at one of our fully equipped training facilities in Queensland.

Applicants that enroll with us can rest assured they’re being trained by industry professionals with numerous years of experience in both teaching and on-the-job experience are in the most capable hands imaginable.

Our Working In Confined Spaces ticket is broken into units of competency in both theoretical and practical and typically takes a maximum of one working day to fully complete, after which time you will be issued with a statement of attainment and your Working In Confined Spaces Ticket that you are competent to enter and work in confined spaces, identify hazards and safely work in confined spaces.

Our courses and more information including requirements, terms and conditions, personal equipment, and training locations can be found on our website here at

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