Safely operate EWP with your Yellow Card in Queensland.

Obtaining your Yellow Card or Elevated Working Platform License in Queensland.

Obtaining your valid Yellow Card in Queensland will allow you to operate numerous pieces of equipment that fall under the EWP (Elevated Working Platform) umbrella and give your skills a real boost in any job that requires you work at height, with a valid clearance.

Working at height is a risky venture, so it stands to reason that you would want to have the skills and training necessary to operate these lifts in a safe and secure manner to avoid personal injury or injury to your workers.

Gaining your Elevated Working Platform license or ‘EWP ticket’ will see you achieve those skills and tools so that you or your employees can operate various types of lifts for all your business needs.

Why safety is so important at height.

Sadly, falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industries, followed closely are injuries caused by falls, without the proper skills to operate EWP’s and work safely at heights you won’t have the tools available to you to ensure yourself and others safety when operating these lifts.

With a Yellow Card you are taught about the safety and perils of working on these lifts and given the techniques you need to keep yourself safe while remaining efficient at your job without the added risk of injury.

How and where to get the training necessary.

Here at Sheer Workplace Training we offer an extensive and informative course with accredited and experienced trainers in our fully equipped facility located in Brisbane, Queensland. When your card expires we are also here to help you renew.

Whether you’re just getting into the industry or just want to refresh your skills with up-to-date knowledge, you can find this and much more at our facilities, for enquiries and more information to sign up to one of our courses, please visit or feel free to contact our friendly staff at 07 3901 0804.