If you’re looking to further your career in the building and construction industry, break into the industry with an apprenticeship or traineeship or simply increase your skills and knowledge in the industry then a CSQ funded course may be just the ticket for you, the CSQ or Construction Skills Queensland is funding designed to help those in the construction industry to better their skills with the aid of funding to help promote and educate the building and construction industry.

CSQ funding covers a very wide range of courses in the construction skills Queensland CSQ, skills and programs that are aimed at everyone from people just joining the industry, to veterans looking to further their skills and career, below we’ll take a look at what CSQ funded courses and programs can do to help you and who is eligible for them.

There are however some prerequisites and terms for acquiring CSQ Funding to train with us at Sheer Workplace Training, below are some of the prerequisites.

You must be an Australian or New Zealand permanent resident, permanently reside or be permanently employed in Queensland.

As well as be an eligible worker in the building and construction industry or an unemployed eligible worker.

Please consult our website for further information to ascertain if you are a viable candidate for CSQ
funding and able to train with us.

What Is CSQ funding and what can you do with it?

The programs within the CSQ Funding framework are designed to assist current tradesmen who are seeking to acquire new skills or to further their existing skills within the industry, the CSQ funding and their courses fall under a very wide branch of what is available. CSQ funded training is applicable to apprentices and trainees who are looking to enter the construction industry or to skill up, the training and funding generally falls under these programs and pathways, for a fuller version of CSQ funded courses and programs, please consult our website.

Short & Quick Courses.
Short courses are courses designed around individual and specific competencies and individual skillsthat are designed for workers who are lookingto increase their skill sets as well as knowledge of theindustry and compliance requirements, this also extends to drivers licenses and general upskilling within the industry.

Higher levels skills program or HLS.
Higher level skills(HLS) programs are designed for existing workers who are interested in moving into a higher role in their jobs, from civil construction to general construction. This program provides an avenue to acquire nationally accredited qualifications in numerous fields and can range from a Certificate IV all the way up to an Advanced Diploma.

Skills Assessment and Gap Training.
Skills Assessment and Gap Training(SAGT) provides pathways for students with significant experience within the industry to have their experience and skill in the industry recognized and to achieve nationally recognized qualifications and receive the training they need to literally fill in the gap on their way to becoming nationally recognized in their field.

Small Business Program
The CSQ funding for a small business provides funding for non-accredited short courses, eligibility for this funding extends to a building or construction owner, an employee of a building or construction business and those involved in the daily operations of the building or construction.

Apprentice Advance Plus (Short)
CSQ funding for Apprentice Advance plus short courses extends to trainees and apprentices who have recently completed training with an opportunity to fine tune their skills and acquire new knowledge about the industry to further progress.

Apprentice Advance Plus (HLS)
CSQ funding for Apprentice Advance Plus Higher level skills much like Apprentice Advance Plus,extends to 3rd and 4th year students and those who have recently completed apprenticeships as well as trainees who are looking to acquire new knowledge and skill to further their careers.

What you acquire by finishing these courses

Finishing a CSQ funded program or course, will allow you to become nationally trained and recognized within the building and construction industry, the building and construction industry is quite large, with numerous and varied projects and constructions all over the country, getting your CSQ
funded training is your pathway to acquiring the skills and training you need to succeed and excel in the industry.

Once you’re trained, you will have numerous options available to you, whether you want to jump straight into work or still want to sharpen your skills, there is numerous pathways to make that happen within the CSQ environment, depending on your program,course and employment, you will be seen
as a nationally trained tradesmen in the industry and be subject to existing rules and regulations, as well as the benefits of being trained.

These extend to becoming eligible for industry portable long services leave act 1991 QLD. As well as retaining a place, where applicable, within the CSQ funded environment for further training, courses, programs and skill expansions.

Acquiring new skills with CSQ funded programs is an exceptional way for any and all tradesmen who have been in the industry from 1 year to 10 years, to further increase their visibility in the construction industries and reach new heights in their career and training.

Training with Sheer Workplace Training.

Sheer Workplace Training has made it an ethos to put workers in the building industry, our nationally recognized teams and instructors have numerous years of experience in both teaching and inside the industry, we strive to provide the best possible training available with a wide range of courses and programs.

Choosing to pursue your CSQ funded training with Sheer Workplace Training will put you head and shoulders above the rest in the industry as we have been training tradesmen in numerous fields for decades and offer insightful and experienced training that only comes from people who have been in the building and construction industry with real hands on experience.

Our fully equipped facilities are located in the greater Brisbane region and accommodate all of the courses within CSQ so that when you decide to train with us, you what you need with us, when you need it, likewise, we offer on the job training for tradesmen or groups that are looking to see and
experience the more practical hands on application of the training or for those that can not reach our facilities or are otherwise unavailable to attend a course with us due to travel constraints.

CSQ funding will contribute to your training, ranging from 75% to 100% of the course fee and is paid directly to the contract RTO to reduce the cost of your course with us so that you can focus on what matters during your training with us.

For more information on CSQ funding and its requirements, or to see our wide range of courses and programs that we offer, please visit us at https://sheerworkplacetraining.com.au/ or call us on 07 3901 0804 for any enquiries or information pertaining to the courses, programs and offers we have available or to book an appointment and enquire about our training sessions and courses.