If you’re located in Toowoomba and are looking to get your forklift licence, you may be wondering if there are any forklift licence training courses available in Toowoomba at all, or if you’ll need to travel to Brisbane to get a forklift licence. We are happy to announce that we now have a forklift licence training solution for you, right here in Toowoomba.

Sheer Workplace Training is now offering forklift licence training courses in Toowoomba.

Practical Training

This is the same full course that we provide in our Brisbane training centres. The forklift licence course we’re now providing in Toowoomba contains everything you need to safely operate a forklift, and you will receive a nationally recognised forklift licence upon completion of the course. 

So if you’re in Toowoomba and are looking to get your forklift licence, whether it’s your first time needing the course, or a refresher, you’ll no longer need to travel to Brisbane – we’ve got you covered in Toowoomba. Upon successful completion of all our units of competency, you will be granted a statement of attainment. As a registered training organisation our commitment is to provide you with the best forklift training in Toowoomba.

Experienced Operators

We also provide a wide range of other machinery operation training courses in Toowoomba, and in our training facilities in multiple locations across Brisbane. Whether this is your first time or a refresher, our Toowoomba forklift licence training course contains all you need to safely operate a forklift. Enquire now to find out when our next forklift licence training courses are being held in Toowoomba, and to book your spot.

We offer a range of workplace health and safety courses to train our clients into experienced operators.