When it comes to workplace safety, an essential part of executing it properly is by creating a culture of safety. By definition, a culture of safety is “a shared commitment by everyone in the organization to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.”

Creating such a culture requires buy-in from everyone in the company, from leadership on down. So how do you go about getting this participation and commitment from your staff? At Sheer Workplace Training, we excel at training individuals in safe practices, we also are experts in how to create a winning culture of safety.

To help you achieve this in your workplace, we’ve prepared this easy-to-follow guide.

7 Steps For Creating A Strong Safety Culture

Creating a culture of safety starts from the ground up. It goes well beyond a simple safety talk with your team. Building a culture of safety takes time and dedication but is absolutely achievable no matter how long you have been in operation.

Here are some tips for creating a culture of safety in your workplace:

1. Define what safety means to your organisation

For most organisations, this means discussing things that make employees feel safe, secure and positive. It includes not only known health and safety issues but also the importance of respectful interactions, company values, a positive work environment and overall employee well-being.

When you can identify what makes your employees feel safe and valued, it is much easier to generate a positive safety culture.  

2. Make safety a priority at all levels of the organisation

Safety in the workplace should not only be focused on dealing with obvious risks. No matter what an employee’s role is, whether it’s in the office or on the ground, safe work needs to be valued and demonstrated at every level.

3. Communicate openly about safety concerns.

Be transparent about safety hazards and encourage staff to discuss concerns both with management and amongst themselves.

Secrecy can quickly destroy a workplace culture and lead to further issues. By communicating openly, you demonstrate that you value your employees and their right to know what is going on in their workplace.

4. Encourage employees to report near misses and hazards.

Your employees should always feel comfortable to report safety concerns. It is much easier to improve safety when you know what is going on and involve your employees in this process.

Rewarding employees with proper recognition of their concerns shows your commitment to safety as an organisation and further improves workplace safety culture.

5. Invest in comprehensive training programs.

Continuous improvement of safety culture is heavily linked with safety training. Having all employees participate in training together fosters better relationships among them as well as having them on the same page regarding safety in the workplace.

6. Conduct regular audits and risk assessments.

Health and safety issues can present at any time, performing regular audits and risk assessments further support employee safety. By identifying safety hazards before an incident can occur, your employees will feel more secure in the workplace.

7. Promote a culture of safety throughout the organization.

Safety culture starts with the simplest of things. It doesn’t need to be a huge talk about hazards that scares people into line. It is about celebrating a positive and proactive approach to safety and showing that it is considered and managed properly across the entire organisation as a minimum expectation.

Creating a culture of safety in the workplace is essential to the health and well-being of your employees. By following these tips, you can create a safer work environment for everyone. Call Sheer Workplace Training today on 07 3901 0804.