Looking to upskill your career? Then the Telehandler Ticket may be the pathway for you, in the
construction industry, the telehandler is one of the most versatile pieces of machinery to date,
telehandler operations are used in nearly all forms of civil construction and general construction,
however to get your telehandler license you will need to know how to operate a telehandler safely and

Below we’ll have a look at what a telehandler is and what telehandler operations entail, as well as the
training plan, acquiring the skills and knowledge required to operate a telehandler and telehandler
operations and how to acquire your telehandler ticket.

What can you do with a Telehandler?

A Telehandler vehicle is short for telescopic handler or telescopic materials handler, are versatile
lifting units that work like a forklift with the lifting range of a crane, when fitted with numerous different
pieces of equipment, they can become hybrid vehicles that can be used for numerous and varied
types of work within the construction industry.

One of the most helpful applications of the telehandler is it’s lifting capacity to safely move materials
up to different heights, the telehandler has the ability to move diagonally, which give it much more
range than a forklift and can hold loads much higher than a standard forklift can, due to their versatility
and manoeuvrability, they are excellent for use where materials need to be placed in odd spots or
confined spaces with precision and care.

However as we’ve said, the telehandler is an incredibly versatile machine, it can be fitted with
numerous attachments that completely transform the way the machinery operates, from work cages
and platforms for elevating staff to higher levels safely, scoops and bucket attachments for moving
loose materials such as sands, rocks, water and stones, as well as crane jibs and forklift carriages.
The telehandler is an amazing piece of machinery, however due to its wide range of operation, you
will need to have the skills and knowledge required to operate a telescopic handler safely, as well as
the ability to plan and prepare for safe use and future planning when it comes to use of the
telehandler and how to operate and perform operational checks.

All of this falls under your telehandler machine operator ticket and the skills you will acquire when you
gain your telehandler ticket.

How to get your Telehandler Ticket.

Your pathway to your telehandler ticket, as well as your high risk work licence, is broken into a
practical and theoretical model, the skills and training you acquire with a Telehandler ticket course will
allow you to do a wide range of things with a telehandler these include but are not limited to, pre
operational safety, safe operation and use of a telehandler, planning and operational knowledge, how
to become a safe machine operator, and, most importantly, how to safely operate a telescopic handler
in an effective and safe manner.

Upon completion of your telehandler training courses you will be issued a statement of attainment and
license to use a telehandler in the construction industry for projects requiring a high risk work license
and safe operating of a telescopic handler.

Train with Sheer Workplace Training.

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