Are you looking to further your skills or are required to complete a working safely at heights course by your employer? If so, Sheer Workplace training is here to help.

Offering comprehensive training and easy-to-follow course material, our relatable and experienced trainers support you to obtain your nationally recognised accreditation. Learn how to work from heights safely with Sheer Workplace Training. 

What Is Working At Heights Training? 

Working safely at heights training covers a variety of topics that are important for those who work in high-risk occupations where they may be exposed to potential fall hazards. This includes occupations such as roofers, electricians, arborists, construction workers, plant machinery operators (including operating elevating work platforms) and more. 

Attending and completing training related to working safely at heights is not only important but required by state legislation across Australia. Closely linked with Workplace Health & Safety requirements, having this qualification helps promote employability and demonstrates a personal commitment to personal safety and that of your co-workers. 

What Topics Are Covered In Our Working Safely At Heights Course? 

At Sheer Workplace training we have developed a truly comprehensive working at heights training course based on our years of hands-on, industry experience. We deliver all our course work with a focus on keeping it factual but engaging for optimal retention. 

The topics covered in our working safely at heights training course typically include:

  • An overview of fall hazards and how to prevent them
  • The correct and necessary use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when working at heights. 
  • Safe work practices for working at heights, including the use of fall arrest (fall protection) systems
  • How to ensure safe work environments when working at heights
  • Emergency procedures for responding to a fall hazard or incident

Working safely at heights training is important for all employees who work in occupations where they may be exposed to potential fall hazards. By completing such training, employees will be better prepared to identify and avoid fall hazards and know what to do in the event of a fall.

What Working Safely At Heights Training Covers

During the course, you will be expected to participate in both theory and practical elements. Due to the physical nature of this course, there are physical standards in place that relate to the level of performance required to achieve competency. 

There can be no exceptions to these Australian Government requirements that are written into the Training Packages code of practice. If you have any concerns relating to the physical aspects of the course, please contact our team before enrolling. 

Other Course Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for attending this course. However, participants will need to demonstrate proficiency in English language, literacy, numeracy and visual interpretation skills. 

You are not required to complete any prerequisite, entry, work placement, licensing, certification or pre-course study but must be 17 or over to attend training. 

Sheer Workplace Training is responsible for the quality of the training and final assessment. When competency has been achieved, participants will receive a statement of attainment for this unit through RTO number 45597.

Assessment Process 

Work safely at heights assessment

During the written or theory component you will be assessed on:

  • Names and functions of equipment, components and materials
  • Comply with equipment manufacturer’s instructions and specifications
  • Safe shifting and handling of tools and materials
  • Adhering to statutory and regulatory authority requirements
  • The nature of work undertaken at heights
  • Complying with heights safety systems
  • The processes of providing safe working practices
  • Using safety equipment/systems and considerations to facilitate working safely at heights
  • Complying with safe work methods statements

The practical or physical component of the course assessment requires demonstrations of:

  • Identifying and interpreting work requirements
  • Identifying and interpreting work procedures and instructions
  • Accessing, interpreting and applying technical and safety information
  • Identifying required safety systems including fall protection and associated equipment
  • Accessing and installing equipment and checking it is correct
  • Conducting checks and inspections on the area and equipment
  • Assessing hazards and risks associated with working at heights and implementing control methods
  • Safely perform work at heights
  • Cleaning up a work area

Additional Information 

Course Costs

As with all our training courses, the applicable fees are payable before the commencement of the course. Discounts may be applied for group bookings, please call to discuss group numbers and we will advise course costs. 

Course fees will be communicated to you before confirmation of enrolment.

Course Duration And Location

Our training is delivered face to face and typically takes a maximum of 8 hours to complete. This may vary, however, depending on group size and any prior experience within the group. 

We can deliver courses from one of our locations or on-site, providing the correct height safety equipment and protective equipment are available. If we deem that work health and safety regulations cannot be met in your chosen location, we will recommend you to attend one of our training centres. 

Why Train With Us? 

Our nationally recognised RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights course is comprehensive, accredited and engaging. We support all our trainees to achieve competency and are committed to the provision of a safe and fun training environment. 

Need help with course funding? Our team can walk you through the available funding options so you can receive the training you need to take your career to the next level. 

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