Working in construction frequently involves the use of a skid steer, also known as a Bobcat or mini excavator. This compact powerhouse can tackle a wide array of tasks, from front-end loading to heavy lifting, despite its deceivingly small size. However, mastering its operation requires specialized training and licensing—a commitment that pays off with better job prospects and higher salaries. Dive into the world of skid steer operations with our guide, exploring the benefits of training, how to select the right course, and the job opportunities that await you post-certification.

The Benefits of Skid Steer & Excavator Training

No matter if you are an employee or an employer, there are several great benefits to pursuing the skills and knowledge that come with skid steer and excavator training. 

For Your Career

As an employee, you can expect:

  • Greater career opportunities 
  • An easier time finding employment
  • Potential for higher remuneration Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations
  • Skill development and enhancement 
  • Improved versatility as an employee
  • Greater productivity and delivery of quality work

For Your Business

As an employer, encouraging your team members to pursue training in this area allows for:

  • Greater compliance with OH&S
  • Enhanced safety for all your employees
  • Better efficiency and productivity 
  • A more positive team environment
  • Potential for cost savings and more

Cost savings are largely achieved through the occurrence of fewer accidents and reduced damages that come with having a properly skilled equipment operator on board. 

If you conduct civil construction excavator operations or regularly use a skid steer or excavator as part of your daily business operations, having multiple staff trained in this area is essential. 

How to Choose the Right Skid Steer & Excavator Training Program

When deciding to undertake training in this area, it is important to research and book with an accredited facilitator. 

In Australia, this means checking that any courses are run by a Registered Training Organisation or RTO. This means that they are approved educational bodies that can provide recognised and accepted qualifications throughout Queensland and Australia as a whole. 

You should also look at:

  • Whether they have any specific course requirements regarding prior learning
  • Any pre-enrolment information regarding the course
  • What the course specifically covers and how it is delivered – not all courses will follow the same format
  • The types of resources provided and what you are expected to bring
  • Course costs, assessment/completion criteria
  • The type of support offered to you as a student to support you in completing the course
  • How experienced the provider is in this area

Additionally, it is recommended to review online reviews or testimonials from past course attendees. This can help you determine how successfully the courses are run and whether your chosen course is going to meet your requirements or expectations. 

The Cost of Skid Steer & Excavator Training

Costs related to skid steer and excavator training can vary depending on the provider chosen. 

Course costs and deadlines for payment should be clearly outlined by the provider upon enquiry and before accepting an enrolment. 

Where there are concerns regarding these costs, it is worthwhile asking about any available fee help. Where eligible, course costs may be able to be reduced or covered through a variety of different funding initiatives. 

How to Get Started with Skid Steer & Excavator Training

If you’re ready to pursue training the first step is to find an RTO in your area. Then it’s simply a matter of enquiring about their next course date, the costs involved and whether you meet their entry requirements. 

If everything is suitable, you will be able to book the course and then pay or pursue funding as necessary. 

Keep in mind that course duration may vary between 1 to 3 days based on the size of the group attending the next training date as well as the experience level of the attendees. This will be finalised closer to your start date. 

Enhance Your Skills With Sheer Workplace Training 

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Our engaging approach, led by trainers with hands-on experience ensures you are equipped with all the skill and knowledge required to operate a skid steer or excavator safely. 

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