Do you work in an environment where you perform high-risk work? Are you seeking to expand your skill set and pursue employment in another field? If answer yes to any of these questions, then obtaining a high-risk work licence is a great move. 

Depending on your state or territory, workplace health and safety regulations stipulate that certain jobs require additional training in how to handle high-risk situations. So which jobs require this and how can you go about completing a relevant and accredited training course? Let’s take a look in more detail. 

What Is A High-risk Work Licence? 

First off, let’s define what exactly a high-risk work licence is. High-risk work licences are required for a person to perform certain high-risk work tasks. 

The type of licence or licence class you need will depend on the state or territory in which you intend to work, as well as the specific task that you will be carrying out. In some cases, multiple licences may be required. 

The training linked with a high-risk work licence will review safe work practices and teach attendees how to manage and minimise risk in the workplace. 

The licence confirms that an individual has attended an approved course. These courses feature an accredited assessor who will train and assess the individual’s ability to work in high-risk jobs. Only upon successful completion of all parts of this course will the licence be given. 

Why Pursue A High-risk Work Licence? 

Having a high-risk work licence is beneficial for several reasons including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced employment opportunities
  • The ability to create and maintain a safe work environment as well as optimal health and well-being for yourself and others
  • Fulfilling the legal obligations required in many states regarding codes of practice for working in high-risk work environments
  • Securing a higher salary

In some instances, your existing role will necessitate one or more of these licences and the need to keep them current. Always review your employment contract and ensure your licence remains current. 

Job Opportunities For Those Holding A High-risk Work Licence

A high-risk licence can be used across several fields and in numerous jobs. The type of work you can pursue will depend on the type of licence you hold. 

It is important you review the requirements of the field you hope to work in before pursuing your licence as each one will cover different course material. You can hold all three types of high-risk licences simultaneously without issue. 

There are three main types of high-risk work licences:

General Construction Induction Training Card (EWP A Yellow Card)

This is the most common type of high-risk work licence and is required for any type of construction work. It demonstrates that the holder is able to safely operate any of the following:

  • Vertical Lift (VL)
  • Scissor Lift (SL)
  • Self Propelled Boom Lift (BL)
  • Trailer Lift (TL)
  • Truck Mounted Lift (TM)
  • Advanced Boom (AB)

Electrical workers, arborists, painters, firemen, window washers, warehouse staff and more should all hold this licence in order to safely operate the above machinery. 

Working at Heights Licence

As the name suggests, this licence is required if you will be working at heights of two metres or more above ground level. This makes it a required licence for anyone who will work on scaffolding, roofs, arborists, window cleaners and more. 

Even those who work on deep excavation where pits exceed two metres in depth are required to hold this licence. 

Operating a Forklift Licence 

This licence is required if you will be operating a forklift in any capacity, including loading and unloading goods. 

Warehouse workers, delivery drivers, dock workers and more can all benefit from holding this licence. 

How To Obtain A High-risk Licence

To obtain a high-risk work licence, you will need to complete a training course that is accredited by the relevant authority in your state or territory. Once you have completed the training, you will be issued a licence that is valid for five years.

You will need to renew your licence every five years to continue working in the high-risk occupation. It is important to note that the requirements for renewing a licence may differ from those for obtaining a licence for the first time.

Each training course will differ in the content taught, but all are the same in that you must achieve competency in every area to pass the assessment. 

Most courses have no formal requirements. However, to ensure participants can adequately complete the course they will need to demonstrate competency in the English language, literacy, numeracy and visual interpretation skills. 

There are usually no entry, work-placement, licensing, certification or pre-course study requirements for these courses. Taking just a day or two to complete, they represent a great investment in your safety and future employment options. 

During the training participants must wear appropriate safety clothing, any additional safety gear or equipment required to complete the training will be provided by Sheer Workplace Training. 

Additional Requirements 

As well as approved clothing and an aptitude for learning, all participants must possess good physical fitness. All high-risk licences require adequate physical fitness as this is a key element in maintaining the safety of yourself and those working alongside you. 

No matter the state or territory you reside in, Australian Government requirements are in place regarding this. This means there can be no exceptions to demonstrating this course competency. Inability to demonstrate adequate physical fitness will mean participants are unable to fulfil the course requirements or receive their Statement of Attainment. 

Unsure whether you meet the physical fitness requirements? We recommend referring to the fact sheet provided by The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This resource includes information that will support you to make an informed decision regarding enrolment and whether any of these courses are right for you. 

High-risk Licence Course Fees 

All our high-risk licence courses require all fees to be paid in advance of course commencement. We welcome group training enquiries and can negotiate course fees depending on the size of the group in question. 

Sheer Workplace Training values transparency and communication, as such all course fees and requirements will be communicated to you in full before confirmation of enrolment.

Available Fee Help And Subsidies 

Should you have concerns regarding course fees, there are some options for funding that we can advise you about. 

CSQ Funding

Independent and not-for-profit Construction Skills Queensland supports employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry. 

They provide industry-sourced funding able to be used at courses run by registered training organisations (RTOs) across Queensland. Depending on your needs and application this funding can cover between 75% and 100% of course fees. 

Jetco Funding

Funded by employer contributions to CIRT and JETCO, this option provides access to subsidies for approved industry-based training. Speak with your employer or contact Jetco to learn more. 

BERT Funding

The Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) offers fee support to eligible individuals. This training fund works to provide members with funding and assistance to improve their skills. You can apply for a worker grant here or speak with our team for further guidance. 

Experience The Sheer Workplace Training Difference 

As a registered training organisation, Sheer Workplace Training offers leading courses in Queensland for all high-risk work licences. With years of hands-on experience behind us, we have developed a practical, engaging approach to training that supports our participants to achieve exceptional outcomes. 

We are known for our exceptional customer service as much as our dynamic approach to training, supporting thousands of individuals to achieve their high-risk licensing registrations. 

Our goal is to deliver course content with a dose of humour and support Australian workers to return home safely at the close of each day. Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to stay safe while in high-risk environments and take your career to the next level.  

We are proudly Australian-owned and run. We pay respect to our land waters and community and our elders past present and emerging. Acknowledging them as the original custodians of country throughout Australia.

If you are interested in working in a high-risk occupation, be sure to check the requirements for obtaining and renewing a high-risk work licence in your state or territory. 

For fully accredited training by skilled teachers in a supportive and friendly environment, contact Sheer Workplace Training today at 07 3901 0804