Whether you hope to work as an arborist, on power lines or at heights on a worksite, EWPs (Elevating Work Platforms) help make light work of difficult jobs. Being able to use an EWP safely is a vital skill to possess across numerous fields and one that many employers highly value when reviewing job applicants.

If you are located in the Whitsundays and are hoping to complete an accredited EWP A course, Sheer Workplace Training is here to help. As a skilled and experienced team of instructors, we deliver several courses related to obtaining high-risk work licences. 

What Are EWP A’s?

Elevating work platforms are any work surface that is raised to make it easier and safer to work at heights. Examples of EWP As include cherry pickers, scissor lifts and more.  

There are five main types of EWP, these being a VL – Vertical lift, SL – Scissor Lift, BL – Self-Propelled Boom Lift, TL – Trailer Mounted Lift, and TM – Truck Mounted Lift.

The operation of any of these EWP As comes with inherent risks and can be dangerous if not managed properly. This is why there is legislation in place that requires operators to have relevant qualifications and licensing. 

Why Pursue An EWP A Yellow Card? 

There are many reasons to pursue your EWP A yellow card. One of the most beneficial of these is that knowing how to perform necessary machinery checks and safely operate a boom lift, scissor lift, and vertical lift machinery improves your employability. You’ll stand out from other job seekers and be entitled to a higher salary. 

You’ll also have the skills to work across a diverse number of fields.s Elevated work platforms are used across a variety of well-paid roles and in numerous industries including:

  • Civil construction
  • Construction
  • Coal and metalliferous mining
  • Drilling
  • Extractive Industries
  • Manufacture industries
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Emergency Rescue Team members (ERT)
  • Rescue officers
  • Any members of the public who require competency to perform a specific role

Understanding how to safely use EWPs ensures you and your colleagues remain safe – something WH&S is strongly focused on. Additionally, if you’re keen to travel around Australia or relocate, this qualification is nationally recognised, meaning you can work anywhere Australia-wide. 

About Our Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) Course

Our course covers how to safely operate a boom lift, trailer lift under 11 metres, scissor lifts of any height and vertical lifts. This is a one day course that is delivered on-site at our fully equipped training facility in Brisbane. 

The course content includes:

  • Introduction
  • Relevant Australian Standards, Legislation and Regulations
  • OH&S policy
  • Codes of Practice
  • Work requirements, safety information and procedures
  • Site hazards
  • Conduct machine pre-operational checks
  • Conduct operational checks
  • Operation vertical lifts, scissor lifts of all sizes and boom lifts under 11 metres

At the end of the day training a written and practical assessment will be carried out. This is done to ensure the attendee’s competency in operating a boom-type elevating work platform. 

If successful in these assessments a nationally recognised EWP A certification (statement of attainment) will be used in accordance with the RTO 45597 – this is also known as your yellow card and is valid for 5 years.  

Who Can Attend This Course

To attend our course for a restricted elevating work platform EWP licence, attendees must be at least 16 years of age. If you intend to undertake training for a full EWP Yellow Card, the law requires that you must be 18 years or over.

While participating, attendees must wear appropriate safety clothing with any additional safety gear or equipment being provided by Sheer Workplace Training as needed. 

We recommend this course as suitable for both first-time learners and those who need to renew their expired yellow cards. 

What Are The Course Requirements?  

EWPA (Elevating Work Platform) Mackay

As well as the relevant age limits being met, competency in both written and spoken English is needed to properly complete the course. This course does not require any prior placement, licensing, certification or pre-course study to be completed before attendance.  

Physical Fitness 

A good level of physical fitness is expected to be demonstrated during this course as there is a level of agility involved with the completion of some tasks. This requirement is legislated by the Australian Government and due to this, we cannot make any exceptions regarding competency in this area. 

If you are unable to meet this condition this will amount to course failure and a Statement of Attainment will not be supplied. 

Should you have concerns about this aspect of the course, we encourage you to speak with us before confirming your enrolment.  More information is available via this fact sheet provided by The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) 

Course Fees 

As with all our courses, our EWP training fees must be paid for in full before the course commencement date.

As we value transparency and clear communication, Sheer Workplace Training values will ensure all course fees and requirements are communicated to you before confirmation of your enrolment.

Is There Funding Or Subsidies Available For This Course? 

We recognise that course fees can be a barrier to some pursuing further education and training. To make our training as accessible as possible, we accept funding from several providers.  

Our team is happy to discuss your funding options with you at any time. 

CSQ Funding

An independent, industry-funded, not-for-profit body Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) makes it easier for employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry to pursue further qualifications. 

CSQ works with numerous registered training organisations (RTOs) across Queensland offering to fund certain courses. Anywhere from 75% to 100% of course costs can be covered. 

Jetco Funding

If your employer makes monthly payments to CIRT on your behalf then you may be able to access a subsidy on course costs through the JETCO training fund. Your employer or Jetco will be able to provide further details regarding this. 

BERT Funding

For eligible members, the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) makes provision for reduced fees across several approved courses. To check your eligibility or to apply for a worker grant, click here or speak with our team for further guidance. 

Why Train With Us?

Sheer Workplace Training has become a leader in its field, providing engaging training in a fun environment that meets all required health and safety regulations. All of our trainers are fully accredited and have spent time on work sites themselves. They deeply value the creation of a safe work environment and are passionate about enabling workers to return safely home through proper education and training. 

Our years spent developing a training program have meant that our offerings are second to none. All our course materials have been chosen to close gaps we have seen first-hand in other training programs. 

Our goal is to make training easy to follow, fun and effective and it is this approach that has positioned us as a leading RTO in Queensland. For fully accredited training by skilled teachers in a supportive and friendly environment, contact Sheer Workplace Training today on 07 3901 0804.